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A Sample part of Pokemon Porn Story:

A/N: Hi everyone! Thanks to Spring Break, Ive been rolling out the chapters quite swiftly. Its my goal to finish this fic before summer break, but Ill just have to wait and see how my schedule works out.

Thanks again for the sweet reviews! It brings me great joy to see so many people enjoying the story.

Well, thats all for now; enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Storm Hawks or anything related to the show. Nerd Corps is the rightful owner of the fabulous show.

Chapter 20: Anxiety and Anticipation

Once dinner was finished, Ace assigned the visitors their rooms and then went to bed. Piper followed suit, and soon, everyone was fast asleep in their rooms. That is, except for one Storm Hawk.

Aerrow laid in his bed with his hands wrapped around the back of his neck. As much as he wanted to fall asleep, he just couldnt stop imagining the thought of the RFA attempting to stop the treaty from being established. Worst of all, his mind couldnt handle the idea of the force attempting to harm Piper.

Ace should have told me about them when we were talking on the BTS recently he thought to himself angrily. We could have done something to prevent any further attacks.

Still, Aerrow understood that the older man didnt want to worry Piper any further. After all, her dream was soon going to come true, and she was already concerned enough. Hed seen her get overstressed, and he didnt want his beloved to go through that phase ever again.

Aerrow rearranged himself in a fetal position. It wouldnt do any good to ponder over the past; what happened had happened, and there was nothing in his power to change the past.

I always knew how dangerous the RFA could be he ruminated. Yet I still cant believe they would try to pull off such a stunt. What if? What if it was one of them who attacked Piper and Ace today?

With that disturbing thought in mind, the sky knight finally dozed off.

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