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A Sample part of Pokemon Hentai Story:

The Story of Abu

Summary: I was thinking about all the stories that we have at here, and who they feature, when it dawned on me: I couldnt find one that centered on Abu! So thats my intention with this story: to tell how Aladdin came about getting Abu. This first chapter is just going to introduce where we are in the story of Aladdin, so sorry if its not that interesting, though I promise more exciting chapters will come. Please read and review!

Disclaimer: I dont own any of the Aladdin characters. They belong to Disney and I am in no way associated with that company. However, I do own all other characters.

Chapter 1:

Aladdin awoke that morning in the hovel to a loud snoring sound coming from Iago. It was obvious he was fighting someone in his sleep, because he was punching and kicking. The teenager stood up and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. This was followed by a glance out the window toward the palace. Jasmine had invited them over for breakfast, so he supposed hed better start waking them all up now.

He decided to start with Iago, since hed take the longest to finally get up and out of the bed. He walked over to the bird and tapped him on the beak.

Iago? He whispered. Its time to get up. Weve got to go to the palace this morning, remember?

At the word palace, Iagos eyes sprung open and he was up and flying. Well, that was easier than I thought it would be, Aladdin thought to himself.

Up, Monkey! Up! Aladdin watched in horror as Iago picked up the sleeping form of Abu by the tail and lifted him out of his bed. This made Abu mad, and before Aladdin could tell Iago to put him down, the parrot dropped Abu and the chase was on. Abu ran around the hovel screeching and trying to get a hold of Iago. Meanwhile Aladdin was trying to grab Abu to make him stop the horrible racket.

When Aladdin dived for his monkey, Abu jumped out of the way and Aladdin slid into Genies lamp, knocking clear to the other side of the room. This caused Genie to pop out of the lamp, still in his nightcap and pajamas. Whats going on around here? He questioned sleepily. It didnt take him long to figure out. No more than a couple of seconds later, Iago came flying toward his face and Genie barely ducked just in time.

Abu, get off that ledge! Aladdin yelled.

The capuchin ignored his friend though, and jumped after Iago. The noise was growing louder, and there were a couple of murmurs from the street about the commotion. Genie thought hed better do something before the guards got suspicious so he hollered, Quiet! His whole body was red, showing just how much he meant what he said.

The ...

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