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A Sample part of Pokemon Hentai Story:

Note: first fanfic, will improve as I go along, I have been a gamemaster on my past RP site so the action should be good, and I do not own Ben 10 or anything that is remotely like Ben 10.

IMPORTANT NOTE: sorry for the long wait guys. shows a very tired LibraSnakes13 at his computer. Things in my life got more. So here it is, the intro to Heatblast and Stinkfly. It might not be very good since I wrote some of it while I was tired.


Its analyzing me, I can feel its scanning eye on me.

The robot looked at Heatblast with its cold, dead, red eye looking at him straight in the eye. Heatblasts eyes flickered to the other robots that hovered in the air, they then returned to the original robot which was hovering in front of him.

Ready for some action Heatblast? said Stinkfly who was flying right next to him.

Im ready whenever you are darling. Heatblast said.

Stinkfly scowled, I told you dont call me darling!

Heatblast gave her a wink and turned to DCELR8.

Ready to kick some robot ass?

DCELR8 smiled, you bet., Heatblast smiled and turned back to the robots. His expression suddenly serious. He got into a fighting position and waited.


The robots hovered in midair for awhile and with blinding movement, sped towards the three students.

Heatblast jumped up and shot a fire ball towards the nearest one, he then jumped on one and rode on it like he was riding a skateboard. As he sped across the large white room, he fired random fire balls to the robots. The robot he was on top of meanwhile, was trying desperately to get him off. As a final farewell gift to the bucking robot, Heatblast jumped off the robot and shot a fire ball at it, blowing it up in midair.

Stinkfly flew through the air, god she loved it how the wind blew at her insect like face, her wings buzzed fiercely as she held out her sharp claws. They slashed through robots metal skin sending them crashing down to the floor. She made quick turns midair, always confusing her robots on where she is going next. A hail of laser bullets were fired as she flew through the air. With ease, she dodged them all, she then struck the robots down like a hawk swooping down on helpless dove.

DCELR8 sped through the slick floor as he hit his opponents at their weak spots, the robots didnt have any time to react to him as he struck the coup de grace blows. He jumped up in the air and did some lightning speed kicks to the nearest one causing it to blow up.

DCELR8 landed on the floor ...

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