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A Sample part of Lazy Town Porn Story:

Homecoming: the sequel - After Homecoming 12

By Crystalquirt

The Forever King decides to finish the job that Albedo started while they were in California. The task is turned over to Forever Knights' Scientist and Director of Technology, Dr. Joseph Chadwick. Impressed with Ben's friends' skills, but sure they would be easier to capture than Ben, he sent Sir Morton and a team of twelve Knights to kidnap Kevin and Gwen so they can use them to defeat Ben and get the Omnitrix.

Warnings violence, gore - descriptive surgery, mild language. Gwenvin and Benlie

General plot suggested by Wolfpelt13

[[[[[((((((((((B|e|n|1|0|A|F)))))))))))]]]]] 12

Kevin let Chadwick go, anxious to check on Gwen and the others. Running back to her, his armor dissolved and his own physical discomfort came back. With a tremendous headache, and pain from his injuries returning, the drugs Chadwick forced on him had worn off.

Slowing down a little, Kevin held his side the last few feet back to Gwen, but she was up and met him standing. She hugged him tightly, and he stood quietly and let her. It seemed no words were needed between them, but Gwen didn't hug him long, insisting the check on Ben and Julie. Kevin picked Julie up and got her out of the street. Just in time too, he could see flashes of light from distant headlights as someone drove toward them through the hills and around the curves.

Kevin sat Julie down by Ben. He was still down, breathing fast and shallow and holding his chest. Oh No! Julie? What happened to her?

I'm so sorry Ben. meaning he was the one that struck Julie and was responsible for her current condition.

It's okay Kevin. Even when the Knights are after me it's all of you that get hurt. I would do anything to change this if I could.

This isn't your fault Ben and we chose to stay and help you. Gwen tried to comfort him.

Ben sat up, painfully and gently shook Julie. Julie! Please wake up! Where are you hurt?

Julie moaned and sat up. I'm alright Ben. She turned around and hugged him.

Kevin sat down and held his hand over Gwen's bleeding wound. Gwen you are looking pale. Julie, there's a car coming, we should flag them down for a ride back to town!

Maybe, but where's Ship?

When Ship heard his name he squeaked and hoped over from the trees.

Ship are you okay? He whistled again and she hoped that meant he was okay. Can you fly us home? Ship jumped up and turned in the space craft to hover over their heads. Good boy! We have a way home, we don't have to bother whoever this is coming in a car unless it's Joe. You all have injuries that need care! I called him and told him what was going on. Hide for a minute, Ship, until we see who this is.

Ship flew ov...

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