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Lazy Town Hentai Gallery

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A Sample part of Lazy Town Hentai Story:

Mary Moo Cow only looked at Arthur for a second before turning her attention to the waiting children. "I'm very glad to meet you, Dallin," she said to the duck boy, who then ran in the direction of his sisters, smiling ecstatically.

"What's your name, little girl?" Mary asked in her sickeningly sweet affected voice.

"My name's D.W.," came the answer. "D-W."

"You're right, Arthur," said Suefran as she and Arthur walked away from the nursery ring. "I'm sure that's Mrs. Stiles in that costume."

"I wonder why she didn't tell us about her career change," Arthur mused.

"Well, we didn't exactly ask her, did we?" Suefran noted.

Shortly D.W. and Mrs. Read joined them, and they were on their way to the toy store.

"I wonder how she remembers you," Arthur said to Suefran. "You were acting up and being a bully when she stopped teaching us."

"That wasn't me," Suefran replied. "Uh, I mean, that wasn't the real me. I was going through a phase. I'm usually very nice."

"Yeah, right," said Arthur, grinning facetiously.

Suefran made a fist with her right hand. "Don't push me, Arthur!" she growled threateningly.

Arthur's smile disappeared. His pupils widened. It seemed to him for a moment that Sue Ellen was perfectly, channeling...Francine.

Suefran lowered her fist when she observed Arthur's fearful expression. "Are you okay?" she asked with concern. "I wasn't really gonna hit you."

"I'm fine," said Arthur as he rounded the corner into the toy shop. "It's just for a minute there, I thought Francine had taken over your body."

"Would you believe me if I told you she has?" asked Suefran earnestly.


Arthur and D.W. quickly made their toy selections, and then Mrs. Read led the three children back to the parking lot. As they drove along, Arthur was ripping the packaging from his Martian Bunny action figure, while D.W., seated between him and Suefran, was admiring the new Princess Peach watch on her wrist. "It's a good thing Miss Cosma taught us how to tell time," she remarked.

Arthur began to wave around the green-skinned bunny toy as if it was flying, then held it in front of Suefran. "I can look into your mind," he intoned ominously. "You are hiding a deep, dark secret." Suefran giggled.

"She's in love with you," said D.W. "When are you gonna kiss her again, Arthur?"

Suefran suddenly had trouble breathing. It all came back to her...seeing Arthur and Sue Ellen kissing repeatedly at the playground...what if Arthur still had feelings for the girl?

"I'm not in love with Arthur!" she snapped at D.W.

"Arthur and...

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