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Belle Doing Ariel Gallery

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A Sample part of Belle Doing Ariel Story:

Authors Warning: Like everything else, this takes place in my series, set up by the events in my first story More Than My Friend where Frankie adopts Mac and becomes his guardian . If you havent read that story yet, I strongly suggest you do so now, or else you might get terribly confused.

Oh, come onare you kidding me? Frances Frankie Foster groaned in exasperation as she reached only voicemail yet again, to her increasing annoyance. Rolling her eyes, she nevertheless begrudgingly left yet another message for the fellow she was trying to contact.

Hi Rudy, its me again she said with a heavy sigh. Just calling to see what the deal is for tonightcall me back when you get this message, okay? Bye.

Frankie then promptly hung up her cell phone and tucked it into her pocket before concentrating back onto the vegetables she had previously been chopping up for dinner. With every carrot, potato, or parsnip that she diced up, the redhead allowed herself to get further immersed in her task out of the hope that shed be able to take her mind off a certain nameless someone who wasnt picking up his phone. For a little bit, her plan actually seemed to work, and for the next several minutes her attention was completely occupied by the mound of vegetables still waiting to be sliced into pieces, while not a single sound could be heard save the din of the knife upon the cutting board.

However, once she became aware of this last seemingly insignificant fact, Frankie abruptly stopped chopping and froze. For the next several moments, she listened intently, hoping that perhaps she had been cutting far too noisily for her to hear anything, or anyone else. Alas, her ears detected absolutely no other sounds, and she turned around only to confirm her suspicion that she was the only one in the kitchen, save a stuffed elephant lying not too far away.

As soon as it became clear a certain someone had wandered off, yet again, Frankie buried her face in her hands, groaned loudly in her aggravation, the promptly made a hasty exit as she embarked on an unplanned search.

I wear, she cant sit still for more than a minutebut she couldnt have gotten that far She murmured under her breath, as if trying to reassure herself. After all, she hadnt been distracted that long.had she?

Frankie immediately tried to purge the ugly doubt from her mind. That was just the demon of maternal worry at work once again; there probably was no need for her to get worked up at all. Hadnt this happened numerous times before? And all those incidents had ended well, hadnt they? Why on earth would this one be any different?

Well, this was a big house, and there were quite a few places where-

The redhead immediately started shaking her head, as if by doing that she could shake the apprehension off of her, leaving her free to continue this search unimpeded. As she focused inte...

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