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A Sample part of Ariel Hentai Story:

(A/N) BAM!!!! I be back! You know youve just been waiting to hear from me! Hey LOL peeps, go to /page/43/ and scroll down to picture 7. You will find that it is a complete description of Yumi right now!

Dedication: to Daeth101_Fox version and Old-Soul-Rock-and-Roll. You guys are awesome.


Ulrich sighed as he grabbed the last of his things and stuffed them into his suitcase. Today was the day he left Kadic, and his beautiful Yumi, behind. Hate mingled with hurt and sorrow swam through his mind, as he exited the building and started off to the school gates.

Thats when he heard the scream.the too familiar scream.

Ulrich raced towards the high pitched noise, terrified of what he would see. What he found was his lovely little Japanese friend, collapsed on the ground and clawing at her head. Oh no Ulrich thought Poor Yumis having another flashback. He quickly made his way to the tormented girl, and wrapped his arms around her. Yumi! Yumi can you hear me? he called desperately. Suddenly Yumi cried out in fear and pain, and slumped over in his arms, sobbing wildly.

Its okay Yumi, Im here. Its okay, no ones going to hurt you. Yumi almost broke down at his words, but said nothing. Ulrich could not know about X.A.N.As plan for her. She couldnt tell him wouldnt tell him. It would only make things worse for him. So she just lay there, in his arms, until she could regain some control.

Im sorry Ulrich she said miserably, I didnt want you to see me like this. Ulrich looked Yumi over. She had accidentally torn out her pretty up do, her dress was torn, dark mascara streaked down her face from her tears, and blood oozed from the skinned knees she had received from her startling flashback. But despite this all, she was still the most beautiful person Ulrich had ever seen. He smiled and hugged her. I love you just the way you are he whispered in her ear.

Yumi smiled and returned the hug. After a few minutes, they broke apart, and Ulrich helped Yumi to her feet, just as an all too familiar car pulled up on the sidewalk. Ulrich scowled as his father stepped out of the car. With obvious disregard toward his fathers opinion, he wrapped his hand around Yumis waist, who in turn, placed her small hand on his chest. Mr. Stern looked disgusted, an expression that made Ulrich burn with rage, and Yumi refuse to meet his glare. Time to go son, he said, his voice filled with hatred and fury. Ulrich stiffened, took a step forward, and then turned back to Yumi. I love you. He whispered, and kissed her softly the lips. Goodbye my love, she replied sadly, as Ulrich turned from her.

He was about to get in the car whenWait! Yumi called frantically. U...

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