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A Sample part of Ariel Hentai Story:

Disclaimer: Nothing that is copyrighted belongs to me. Only myself & my fan character(s). This goes for the whole fic. And if by some weird twist of fate, this fic breaks any of this sites childish and unfair rules, please do the courteous thing and tell me in a review what I did wrong. If it doesnt ruin the artistic quality of the fic, Ill fix it ASAP. Im usually on all day. At least give me a chance to fix the problem before reporting me.


Pre-story Conversation

The scene opened in the studio, which was decorated with many garlands, Christmas lights, stockings, and other things, including a Christmas tree. There were dozens of presents under the tree. The crowd roared as Izzy and I stepped on stage. We were both wearing festive clothes.

I was wearing a Santa Claus suit, minus the beard, and a red cape. My crown was replaced by the red cap thats part of the suit. Izzy, pissed off as always, was wearing a green elf costume, complete with curved shoes that had bells on the ends and fake elf ears.

I dont know how the hell you talked me into this, He growled to me. But rest assured, you wont live past New Years! I only rolled my eyes in response before looking over him.

You know, I wonder if I shouldve made you dress up as the Grinch instead. I thought aloud.

You wouldnt dare. He threatened with a glare. I shrugged.

Nah. It wouldnt work. Too much green.

Too much green!.?.! He shouted. Look at what Im wearing! This is too much green!

Whatever. I sighed before turning to the camera. Anyway, I had wanted to do something for Christmas and this is what popped up. Im really cutting it close, but if I can keep it short and sweet

Yeah right. Izzy scoffed.

and keep working, I just might be able to get this done in time for the biggest holiday of the year. So the question is Whats the fic about? Well, first of all, its a slash fic.

Damn it! The elf cursed, stomping his feet. The ringing caused by his feet moving echoed in the room. I rolled my eyes.

The main pairing is Lars/Otto, but theres also a little bit of Twister/Keoni too. This fic takes place a little bit after Race Across Rainbows, so ya need to read that one before this.

Hey wait Izzy started. If this takes place after that fic His eyes widened. Then that means!


Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!.!.!.!.! An energetic voice screamed as arms enveloped both me and Izzy. We both grunted and struggled out of the grip of what had us. We then took a look at the owner of the voice.

It was a boy that was a little sho...

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