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A Sample part of Lazy Town Hentai Story:

The Discussion:

Evey, I gotta say. This is probably the best omelet Ive ever had. Evey responded with a noncommittal hum, her own meal largely untouched and slowly being pulverized by her wandering fork. No really! Grammy Flash couldntve done it any better

The girl gave a poorly concealed wince at his attempts to make small talk. The unresolved issue of his secret identity hung over their heads like a stubborn rain cloud, dampening the previously cozy atmosphere and effectively making all conversation awkward.

The Flash found himself staring at the aimless trail of her eating utensil, wishing she would make this easier. At the same time he reasoned that if he was out of his depth, then this sheltered girl had no hope whatsoever of lightening the mood. Turning his attention to his own food, he took a generous mouthful and chewed.

He decided it was safer to focus on eating. He was good at that. It also helped that he hadnt been lying about her cooking. The steaming omelets on his plate were plump with bacon, peppers, sharp cheddar cheese, and had been browned to perfection on either side. They were rich enough that he knew he would at least make it back home without running out of fuel, so to speak.

All too soon - Entirely all too soon, she thought, amazed that the scarlet speedster had scarfed down all three of his rather large omelets in the time it had taken her to eat half of her smaller one. - his empty glass and clean plate left him sadly unoccupied, despite his best efforts to eat slowly. He resorted to watching her take excruciatingly dainty bites of her dinner.

He grinned suddenly.

I just realized something This is the first time a girls made me dinner. Well, yknow aside from my mom. And Grammy Flash, of course. Im so touched he placed his hands over his heart and gave her a silly, love-struck grin. He was rewarded with a shy one of her own, though she also went very red and didnt seem to know how to respond.

It wasnt a lie by any means. The sensitive side of Wally West - the side that teared up a little every time he watched Old Yeller - truly was touched. He lounged back in his chair, allowing his thoughts to run in circles.

This sucks.

The brusque statement was made softly enough that she wasnt entirely sure he had meant ...

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