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A Sample part of Avatar Hentai Story:

She looked absolutely stunning. Her dark hair was coifed and curled to perfection, her make-up was perfect, her pearl earrings and necklace were flawless and her gown of illusiontulle with a haltertrumpet, beaded lace appliqu™s, godet skirt and chapel train was the epitome of perfection.

All in all Lois Lane was the most beautiful bride Clark Kent aka Kal-El of Krypton aka Superman had ever seen.

Too bad he wasnt her groom.

No it was true. Fearless and feisty reporter Lois Lane wasnt getting married to Superman. Instead she was marrying a man called Odious Onassis, a Greek shipping tycoon with more money than Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne combined. Theyd met three months at one of the functions Lois had attended as a member of the press. Clark had been overseas as Superman trying to broker an international peace treaty. The reporter and billionaire had hit it off and before anyone could really believe it, they were not only seriously dating but engaged.

Needless to say when Clark found out he wasnt too happy. Various elements (mostly of the insane criminal sort) kept him from confronting Lois about her whirlwind romance. So now here he was, two hours before her sunset on a yacht wedding. Wellno one ever said Superman had good timing about these things.

Superman we had our chance, said Lois exasperatedly trying to contain her anger, I gave you every opportunity to make it, make us official but you always balked. I couldnt wait around for you forever. Odious is a good man and I know hell make me happy.

Lois I kept putting off making an official relationship with you to keep you safe! cried the Man of Steel throwing his hands in the air.

The Daily Planets ace reporter shook her head sadly. Then maybe you should find someone who doesnt need to be protected. Nowcould you leave? My wedding is going to start soon.

Superman stared at her, the woman hed loved with his whole heart for so many years, then sighed sadly. Alright. Ill go. You look beautiful though Lois, I hope you really are happy.

Thank you Superman, she whispered as he flew out of sight.

The Last Son of Krypton didnt, however, leave the ship entirely. He instead flew to another balcony on the opposite end of the boat. He stared blankly out to sea and pondered how his life had gotten to this point.

Hed always tried to do the right thing. Hed always tried to protect those he cared for but according to Lois thats what drove her away. Maybe she was right. Maybe he did need to find someone who could defend h...

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