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A Sample part of Camp Lake Bottom Story: to the neighborhood, Spongebob walked over to his house. "OK Squidward, see ya later!" he said. Squidward just trudged into his house, feeling more awful than ever before."I can't take this anymore..." Squidward said, curled up in his bed. "Every day its the same thing. Every time something good happens to me, Spongebob has to come and ruin it! I will never be happy for as long as I live! So maybe its stop living." Squidward couldn't believe what he had just said. But he knew that he had to do it...That night Squidward walked to Scallop Bridge, the closest at highest bridge in Bikini Bottom. Squidward climbed up to the railing and looked down. He almost fainted from how high it was. He took a deep breathe. Im gonna do it...Im gonna jump. Squidward thought, All these demons in my head, the people in my life...Im jumping!"Squidward, don't jump!" a voice shouted."Ah, he said it! He said it!" said Peter Griffen from Family Guy, pointing at the figure. (I'm so sorry, I couldn't resist XD!)"Huh? Who said that?" Squidward said, He turned around and saw a spitting image of himself, only wearing white robes and had wings. "a - are you my continuance?""Let's see, white robes, wings. Who else could I be kelp for brains!?" the continuance said. "My na...
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