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...hing themselves off of him into the face of an angel. After pulling the boy and his dog off of Fred, she crouched down beside him and asked if he was all right before helping him to his feet.Like, Daphne, what are you doing here? Shaggy asked, and Fred let the name roll around in his mind. Daphne. He liked it.My daddy went out of the country so my nanny brought me here to play. What were you doing in a tree?Freddy here dared me to climb it. Im okay. But, like, its gonna hurt in the morning.Reah, Scooby pitched in. Daphne giggled.Well next time dont take dares. Its nice to meet you Freddy.He had just chuckled nervously and tried to make conversation. It turned out she had met Velma ages ago and Shaggy and his pup through the genius girl. The five had grown up together and, as they grew older, it became obvious who were the closest in the group. Velma and Daphne were girlfriends and Velma eventually showed signs of liking Shaggy in a more-than-friends way. Shaggy and Scooby were so close that theyd do anything for each other, and Fred found he was still good friends with Shaggy. But he discovered that his best friend was the red haired angel. The one he couldnt lose, the one he needed to survive, the one that he had fallen in love with.And these were ...

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