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...the sword missed its aim and bored into the ground. Axel knelt over Lioness and looked into her eyes. He noticed she was a little shocked. Her heart hammered against her chest and she breathed hardly. He took her hand and helped her up. "Thanks", she said quietly.He just nodded and looked over to Magness. "Itds my turn now", he smiled at Lioness and turned around to fight.But before he could start an attack suddenly guards came out of the castle. They formed a circle around Magness and Axel and pointed with their lances at her. But Magness just smiled evilly. "Hey, fifteen guards and you three against one? How unfair...for you!" She rose her arms and let the lances flew high into the air. The guards looked confused and surprised and as the lances flew towards them they ran scared away. Magness used her magnetic powers again and let the guards fly through the air. They wore armors made up of metal, the perfect victims.Axel tried to use this moment of unconcentration and attacked Magness. She was faster than him and let three guards flew towards him. Axel tried to catch them, but the first one hit him on his chest so he fell onto the ground and was buried under the three heavy men. Quickly he tried to push them away. He made it and attacked Magness with a kick. She blocked it and grabbed his shoulders. With a strong throw she threw him into the wall of the stablings. The wood broke under his weight and he landed in the straw.Slowly Magness walked...
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