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...was cold against his skin. He slowly stood back up straight and turned towards the inside of the hangar. His blue eyes fell onto the vehicles, especially his Sharkskie. It hadn't felt like he had been gone for long, but a strange feeling seemed to follow him wherever he went. Shark dropped his hands from his chest and walked slowly over to his yellow race' car. He smiled broadly and patted the car while leaning against it. He had missed it."Good to see you again buddy," he said rubbing the yellow and blue paint of the vehicle. But the smooth surface was dirty and a layer of dust covered Shark's hand as he ran it against the window. A streak was left behind showing where the dust had been. Shark frowned and lowered his hand. His head dropped down and he turned to lean his back against the car. He shoved his hands in his pockets and gazed out into the floor. The winter wind chilled his legs and gave him goosebumps. His mind couldn't stop thinking of what he had missed out on. What the team had done without him, how life turned when his presence had disappeared. How had life been without Shark?The boy looked up and gazed at the other colorful cars that littered the hangar. It all looked the same but something felt different. Shark couldn't bring himself to it and pushed off o...
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