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... set up. Computers and some medical equipment had been placed in the room to try and figure out just what had happened to the surfers' body during his time of disappearance'. A sunny afternoon light ran through the open windows and a breeze rustled papers on the table. King was busy looking at the medical results, leaning back into his chair and putting his legs on the table. Shark sighed and stood with his arms out from his chest. Lioness sat in her usual window sill with a smile on her face. Axel and hawk both sat backwards in their chairs watching. No one had figured it out. How was shark still alive? Some papers printed from King's computer of Shark's heartbeat and he grabbed them up. Shark slumped into a chair and the medical wires clicked against one another. He sighed again and blew some hair out of his face. They had been running tests all morning and he wasn't the type of guy to have much patience.Shark hung his head back over the top of the chair and raised his hands to rub his face. King looked over the papers than tossed them up with a grunt that made the team jump in the silence."I just don't get it!" he exclaimed crossing his hands over his chest. His eyes were fixed on shark who unfortunately wasn't paying attention at all. The papers floated onto the floor and Axel stood up from his chair."You still couldn't get it huh?" he said walking over. Shark lifted up his head an...

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