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... puff-faced Manny, walked into the apartment. Grandpapi was still clutching the bathroom towel around his sunburned body. "You will not believe the day we had," the old man said. "Zoe Aves… is a psychotic… fuck," Manny reported, rubbing his cheek where the girl must have slapped him at least a hundred times. It was then that the two noticed White Pantera on the floor at the entrance to the hallway, holding his knees and rocking himself while muttering incoherently with an insane, scared look flashing in his eyes. He hardly registered them. Grandpapi noticed the cloth on the ground next to his son, whose collar and tie were ruffled. Then a smug smile went across his face. "Well, I think we know who had best day," he said slyly. "Thees is why Carmelita wanted me to vamos. Wait to go, mijo! …Uh, mijo?" "Abazoocal-ladanebreh-baspinewtih…" Mr. Rivera babbled. "Uh, why is Dad acting like that, Grandpapi?" Manny asked. Then his sensitive Tigre nose sniffed. "And what smells like sweat and shame?" "Probably this," his grandfather answered, handing the cloth he had noticed to Manny. Manny held the cloth out, a quizzical expression on his face. "What is it?" "Meez Aves's panties." Manny screamed like a girl as h...
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