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...r time stealing artifacts on display. She had snickered when they left the convention. When it was time to unveil the new Crow-totron Destructo-pulser, it would be gone. It was the two supervillainess' main reason for going, and now the bird-themed death ray would be back at their headquarters in Miracle City. They had had to leave her daughter, Zoe, behind to watch their house, though. Voltura knew that when she got home, Zoe would be furious at not having gotten to go, or do anything fun for that matter. But she knew that when her daughter saw the Destructo-pulser, all would be forgiven. She planned on letting her little hija destroy parts of the city with it. Of course, this was before the necklace. With no fuel left in their jetpacks, Voltura and Lady Gobbler had no choice but to take the bus. While riding it back, they had sat next to the mystical skeleton grandson of Sartana of the Dead, Django of the Dead, because there were open seats next to him. As she sat next to Django, Voltura noticed something off about him. He looked like a fucking mess! If that was even possible, considering he had no hair or skin. But she had seen it in his eyes. Like he would die- Er, die again if he didn't get off that bus as soon as he did. But he should have sewn that hole in his pocket, because this necklace he ...

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