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...he bet.Steve: Fine! (they shake hands) Youre gonna lose this bet and itll finally shut your big mouth.Hayley: Well see about that. (gets up from the table and walks out of the kitchen)(CIA headquarters. Stan is working at his table. Avery Bullock enters his office with a girl)Stan: Good day, sir. Whos the lady?Avery: Stan, I want you to meet Amanda, our newest secretary.Amanda: Nice to meet you, Mr. Smith.Stan: (walks to her and kisses her hand). Oh, please call me Stan.Amanda: (giggles) Youre cute, Stan.Stan: I can only reply with the same compliment, lovely lady.Avery: Come on, Amanda. Youve got work to do. (leaves Stans office)Amanda: (leaving) See you, Stan. It was really sweet to make your acquaintance.Stan: (remaining the only one left in the office) God... she is beautiful. She is beautiful.(Steve is having lunch at school with Snot, Barry and Toshi)Steve: There she is. Ah, Mona. Could she be any more pretty? Mm... I guess not.Snot: Yes, she is really pretty. I bet every guy in the school would like to make her his.Steve: Youre right, my dear Snot. And I...Barry: Shes got big boobies!Steve: ...Yes, she has, Barry, thank you... Not only I would like to make her mine, but Ill also do so.Snot: Youre crazy, man! Youve got no chance! Everybody knows she only likes cool guys!Toshi: (in Japanese) You horny fool, you wouldnt stand a chance even if you were ten times cooler.Steve: Thanks for believing in me, Toshi. Well, he...
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