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...wouldnt be pretty.No. It isnt. Fry took a sip of her coffee and grimaced. Did you put extra sugar in this?Certainly not, Leela said, looking away for a moment. She managed to keep her blush hidden, but it was probably a good idea to change the subject. So what happened with Bender? You said youd upset him.Fry sat back, wrapping her hands around the coffee. Slender hands, Leela noticed, with long fingers that she could only dream of having. She forced herself to look at Frys face.Bender. He said hed lost his best friend. Do you think he meant me?He could have meant his last bottle of booze for all you know, Philippa. Leela paused to see Frys reaction. She smiled at hearing the name. Leela smiled too before going on. Hes worried about losing a friend but you can prove he doesnt have to worry about it. And he wouldnt be that worried anyway. Hes a man. No, hes a manbot.Hes also Bender.But he seemed so vulnerable.Fry... Philippa. Leela shook her head and stared at her coffee while she ordered her thoughts. One thing youll have to learn now is that a lot of men will seem vulnerable when theyre actually hiding emotions they dont want to acknowledge. Bender... Bender is trying to come to terms with this as much as you are, and hes doing it the only way he knows, by putting it out of his mind. If that means pretending hes lost his friend for a bit then thats how hell do it.You just have to let him work through it for a bit. Dont tr...

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