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...them to death with the tale of how you created a rubber repelling belt to conquer the dodge ball court, Shego suggested sarcastically.Bury them down in the mine.Dress them in blue. Theyll die of embarrassment.Let them loose in the mountains. The henchmen could use the practice.Karaoke till their heads explode. Your other set of captives could be dancers!Drop them out of the helicopter.Enough!Every suggestion was souring Drakkens mood further.First, Shego I dont know what youre talking about. William, when I decide what will become of the Possibles, Shego will handle it.Alright. Can I make a suggestion?Go ahead.Shoot them! Du insisted. Today. Now.And why are they such a concern of yours? Shego inquired.He replied matter-of-factly, They are the only ones who can link me to you."Worried someone may spill your little secret Dewy?Du didn't rise to her bait. He kept his eyes on Drakken and his voice under perfect control. Thanks to you two douches Ive just recorded my first mission failure. My team is lost, I am captured by the enemy. My perfect record is in tatters. But if one of them escapes we all stand to lose a lot more. Dont forget, Im the only asset keeping you out of jail.Watch who you call a douche boy," Drakken warned.This has been a profitable partnership Drakken, Du continued in t...

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