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A Sample part of Animal Cartoons Nude Story: the bathtub. In a moment, Murray had slipped and fallen to the floor, and Minerva had shoved him out the front door, then locked it again and, her shower forgotten, had collapsed into bed."You know, these bed sheets would be a lot more comfortable if you'd bought them from my distributor.""EEK!" Minerva screamed, leaping back to her feet, holding her pillow in front of her like a shield, "What do you think you're doing?!""Attempting a good sale with a beautiful woman." Murray replied, "How about you? Do you think you'll want the linen sheets, or are you more of a silk woman?""I'd just as soon use the bed sheets I have." Minerva remarked, grabbing the sheet by one side and yanking it sharply, causing it to fold up around Murray like a window blind. Then she opened the front door again and tossed him out once more."This guy is impossible." Minerva muttered to herself as she slammed the door shut and locked it, "How am I going to get rid of him for good?""There are easy ways, of course." came Murray's voice as he emerged from somewhere in the kitchen area, "My company's patented security system can prevent anyone you don't want around from ever entering the premises. Just seventy-five ninety-nine plus tax, okay?""You just don't give up, do you?" Minerva asked."Never." the salesman replied, "It's professional. Some have called me the most effective salesman on earth."Just then...
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