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A Sample part of Animated Sex Gif The Simpsons Story: his fingers! He knew then and there that if he struggled against it, it would cut his head clean off. Bob wasnt wasting time, he thought with fear.This was ithed die tonight. Hed get eternal rest, a little more sleep than he needed. He wouldnt be able to say bye to his family or that he loved them. He would die because his horrible father couldnt stay up to protect him.Tears appeared in his eyes against his will. Thinking of his father made him remember all the times he was choked. Oh Bob either knew or luckily guessed that this style of killing would destroy him! Sobs left his lips, tears falling rapidly as he began to loose air. He couldnt control his emotions at this moment, he was only ten!Sideshow Bob looked down, a triumphantly smug grin plastered on his face. Finally hed win! He should have felt joy, a sense of victory and sadistic humor when he saw Barts face buthe didnt. Instead, when he saw the young lads tearful face, he felt pity and regret as well as guilt.For the past week, he had been spying on the boy. He watched him rest during school where he knew Bob couldnt get him since he was in public. He studied him as he tried to sleep every night. He studied him from his hide out in the tree house. Of course no one noticed for his father didnt seem to care.However, Bob felt bad for this. Why? Because he expected the sleep deprived tortured boy to die while struggling, not crying because he was reminded of his f...

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