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... Aroree said sarcastically.ACHOOO! Beast Boy faked sneezed. Sorry, SARCASM allergies.Aroree signaled a few of the henchmen to get the green jokester.For that stupid sneeze, youre going to die first.Aahhh! Beast Boy ran for his life. And out of surprise, he suddenly turned around and charged them as a rhino. Like a predictable villain, Aroree sent at least five henchmen to each Titan as she watched them.This might be easier than I thought. Aroree chuckled to herself.Cyborg was having no trouble at all blasting those bloody henchmen with his cannon. You could hear faint cheering from Khavi. On the other hand, Beast Boy was having some trouble.The five henchmen we ganged up around him, ready to attack at any given moment. Beast Boy picked up a pebble, and threatened to throw it.Look! I have a pebble... now Ill give you till the count of three... A henchman simply kicked the pebble out of his hand. Umm... on second thought, why dont I just count to twenty? Ahh! He ran off with the henchmen chasing him until he was back to back with Cyborg.Great! Five more henchmen. Thanks BB! An aggravated Cyborg said.ACHOO!Ok, STOP with the sarcasm allergies. And could you be a little more helpful!? Cyborg said as he blasted another henchman.Umm...umm yeah! Ill just turn into an animal! Beast Boy morphed.A FISH?! A FISH?! BB, CMON YOURE A FISH!Hey, I figured they could slip on me!A fish... yo...
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