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...upt, more painful… Much better than I expected… Somewhat to Azula’s displeasure, he reached climax and slipped himself out of her. Chan then stood above her, his lower region shining like silk in the mist of the small fire that still smoldered from her incident with her mother. Please, do not call yourself done… His affectionate smile slipped into a depressing frown as he peered at her in disdain. His eyebrows furrowed and gave her a menacing eye. “Your father’s wishes are of my command, Azula, and you obeyed well.” Azula groaned at his words lightly and spoke, “Obey? If you do not recall, Chan, I was on top of you. “I tamed you.” He laughed amusingly, “That is where you have miscalculated, Azula. Every inch of me was inside of you. I understood you on a level so intimate and personal it was literally orgasmic. “I robbed you of something precious. “Your innocence.” My innocence… I was blinded by your infatuation… Your beautiful gift. You have reached under my skin and left me torn. Though we are physically apart, traces of you are still there, mingling with my tarnished virginity. ...

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