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A Sample part of Bayleef Ash Story:, Tucker. Probably whenever he needs it."They both looked at the thing in front of them. It had really developed, and now it was clear what it was."So, how far from done is this thing?" Tucker asked."I think we're just about there. All we need is tweak it a little and then it'll be ready for anything."Dan was in his little lab. He had finally worked out all the kinks, and with the invasion about to begin, it was the perfect time to try out his invention. He turned intangible and phased into the basement where the clones were lining up in preparation for their march on Amity Park. He saw one clone that was off to the side, unsure of where it needed to be, and he decided it was the perfect subject."Hello there," he said to the clone."Um, hi?" the clone responded."Look, Vlad wants me to do a little something for you so if you don't mind-" he said. He had a smirk on his face, but the clone didn't seem to notice."Of course, anything for master," the clone replied.Dan took the machine in his hands and keyed it into the clones specific ecto-signature. "Now don't worry, this won't hurt a bit," he said as he put in his own ecto-signature in another slot. He pressed a single button, and suddenly the clone in front of him was frozen, a look of sheer terror and pain on his face. He started to dissipate, breaking up molecule by molecule, and soon there was nothing left. Dan looked down at himself. He was just...
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