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... trouble, she told Stacey, plus this gift you allowed me to pick up along the way will make them believe that I secretly planned to get them a pre-anniversary present, she said happily and held up a bag containing expensive items she had bought at Tales, a new store that people like Paris Hilton and Orlando Bloom have been seen making purchases.Well good luck I guess, Stacey said and turned to leave.Wait, Penelope said, thank you, she told her, for healing me and saving me.Your Welcome, Stacey responded, I really have to go, she told Penelope.Oh, Penelope said and blushed, bye then, she said and started to cross the road.Goodbye Penelope, Stacey responded and started to walk away slowly along the sidewalk.I hope shell be all right. Who knew that Penelope had such a soft side? That Michelle girl I guess. I wish I could remember more about her.I have to get to somewhere safe, Stacey said to herself, somewhere Grandfather Carmichael would never dream to look.(11pm at Galactic Guardian Headquarters)I AM THE REDWUY!I AM ALL POWERFUL! ALL KNOWING!RELEASE ME VERMIN!Admiral Degill and several others stood across from the restrained Urania horrified. Thanks to Alexandra, superiors were informed that Urania had tried...

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