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...asked with widened eyes.Oh, yeah we did. Patrick said. Sandy and Rocky got me and Squidward to go to the future and find you.They did?Uh huh, Patrick said. Rocky was the one who tracked you down. We were all impressed, especially Sandy.SpongeBob suddenly frowned angrily. Oh, really?Thats what he said. Junior smiled at SpongeBob. But, didnt you say that he wasnt a nice guy?Junior. SpongeBob whispered loudly.SpongeBob, we have to get ya back home. Sandy told him.No can do, Sandy. SpongeBob denied. I made a promise to Junior and I intend to keep it.Well, ya have no business struttin around the future. Sandy snapped. We have to leave now before you cause any damage.However, SpongeBob yelled back, There is already someone causing damage around here and its not me! Welltechnically it is mebut, Im the only one here who can stop him! he crossed his arms and turned away from Sandy. Besides, why dont you take Rocky back?Why are yall bringin Rocky into the conversation? Sandy shouted angrily.Because you think hes so great! SpongeBob turned back around and yelled at Sandys face.I dont know what any of that has to do with anything!I DONT EITHER!!! then he started stomping away, but then turned back to Sandy, And I am never going back! Not now, not ever!When SpongeBob stormed off, with everyone watching, Squidward scoffed, Whats up with him?Miss. Sandy, Crash asked as he turne...

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