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...g. Something familiar.His mind's eye took him back to the cash register at the Krusty Krab. He saw Mr. Krabs, pacing around, anxious to hear the sound of money being put into the register. Order up. he heard a familiar voice say. Squidward then saw Spongebob come out of the kitchen with some Krabby Patties. Order up! He repeated, Squidward was frozen in place. Spongebob? he said to himself. "What's wrong?" Spongebob asked. Mr. Krabs rolled his eyes.Yes, it's Spongebob. he said. Now get back to work!Aye aye captain! Spongebob exclaimed. Squidward began taking money from customers. He opened the cash register, before noticing a hooded figure standing in line. He kept taking orders and money until the hooded figure came up to the register.May I take your he began, before a leering face burst from underneath the hood yelling Surprise! Squidward was startled when he saw that it was Red himself next in line. What are you doing here!? Squidward asked. "I'm hungry." Red said with a wicked looking grin. "What do you want?" Squidward asked.Dont worry. said Spongebob in a sweet voice. I know exactly what he wants.Squidward was confused. Uh, Spongebob. he said. What's going on? Isnt it obvious? Red asked. Spongebobs face soon started to become angry yet the emotion in his eyes expressed pain and sorrow. "Don't you remember that old rule?" He asked in an angry, hurt voice. "Do to others only what you would want them to do to you?" He...

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