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...e gun club, in total shock and rage. How could she run for president! Everyone knew that Dale was the only one for the job. So why does she think she has a chance!Dale knew why. He had stood at the opposite side of the table as she stated her proposals. He had seen how all of the guys had sapped up every word. They would throw away years of friendships for a girl!Dale sped off to Peggy's house. Her sentence floating around in his head. "If she ever does anything to you, you can go back to your list."And that was exactly what he was going to do."Dale!" Peggy sighed dramatically as she saw Dale coming in, his fingers back out for the check list. "She's running for my spot! One day in our club, and she thinks she can run the place!"Peggy shook her head. "Here. This is what we are going to do. I will invite her over for dinner tonight, along with you and Nancy. We shall she how evil you make her out to be."Peggy smiled fake-ly over at Joy. A kind of smile that was a 'sorry-you're going to lose' smile. After a relatively quiet dinner, where Joy had said about 3 words all together, Peggy and Joy were playing Boggle.Peggy made sure Joy was ready with her pad and pencil, and she smiled to herself when she saw Joy shifting uncomfortably in her chair. Peggy, priding herself for her compassion and skill, resolved to herself that she would go easy, and not win by a large amount. But, oh, she...

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