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... and Yori as options either.KP was his best friend and trying a relationship with her would be wrong great but wrong.Shego was... well, evil and besides she was more into KP than in him so no.Yori seemed like a great gal but he felt that it was more admiration than anything else so she was out.Even then, he still had 12 other options and, being Ron, he tried his luck with all of them.He didnt want 13 wives, that was a Great Blue thing and he didnt want to go down that road. He thought that with his luck he might get one girl out of the deal. It never crossed his mind that he might get all of them interested in him.Boy, had he been wrong!After his kiss with KP during the prom he heard several feminine sobs coming from the audience.There he saw several girls (Tara, Monique even Bonnie!) crying.He felt so bad. He only wanted a girlfriend and now he had broken in pieces the hearts of people that he considered his friends!And now that he thought about it several other girls in his life would react the same way when they knew what happened.And what about KP? He really liked her but going with her now, after everything that he has done... it felt wrong. Like if he had manipulated or somethingAnd what about Shego? At first he only blackmailed her joining to team possible because he felt he owed something to the Shego of the alternate future. But as the days go by Shego was slowly but s...

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