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...ab someone without a second glance and not shed a single tear."Yes Calvin, I am the leader of this realm because I was the first to be just a little below average." He beamed and I was startled. He was proud of that? Ahh well, to each his own I guess."Right." I gazed around the place. It looked like dusk was just beginning to fall, so black was beginning to overtake the colours of the landscape. "So why am on level eleven? I'm not really the type to rot in hell.""Oh, Mr Phantom, you are no where near hell." Calvin assured me, although, it wasn't actually assuring. "And you are just here for evaluation.""Evaluation?" I asked sarcastically. "Am I going to be shipped around to all twenty levels before someone finally realizes that I'm not supposed to be here? That I should still be alive?""Possibly." Calvin answered."That's a real helpful answer." I rolled my eyes."Oh, I'm sorry for not being too much of a help." Calvin snapped back, his beer belly jiggling. A random thought hit me, and I giggled. Yes, I giggled like a schoolgirl, but I'm betting you would too if it suddenly occurred to you that a guy closer to the better side of hell couldn't even see his own toes. "What's so funny?" He demanded, noticing my smile."Your feet." I replied snappily."That's it." Calvin growled. "Level fourteen."I'm really starting to hate the black.Okay, normal boring stuff. I don't own Danny Phantom. And thanks to iluvacting for...

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