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... containment unit damaged, total containment failure imminent]She flew down the corridors quickly, knocking down every drone that came in her way. She knew that a containment failure in the reactor meant that it could explode anytime soon. She had to get to ADAX before that happened. As she flew onward, she saw several signs that Viruz had left in his wake. There were melted corridors and drones and several scoring marks from energy balls that had missed their mark. But as she neared the engine room she saw seemingly untouched drone bodies lying on the floor, unmoving. It was an ominous sign.Finally, she came inside the engine room. It didn't take her long to find ADAX and Viruz, both lay unmoving on the floor. It was then that she realized what had happened, ADAX must've detonated some sort of EMP device. It was the only explanation for all the seemingly untouched robotic bodies splayed lifelessly in close proximity to the engine room.She scanned ADAX's body. Hoping to detect something, but knowing that she would most likely detect nothing. To her surprise, she detected traces of biological matter and faint cerebral activity. It took her a moment to realize that the bio signal was not a form of contamination but actually ADAX's control circuits. 'A bio-brained robot? Man, I never Mom would ever try something like that,' she thought to herself.She shook that thought away. Somehow the fact that ADAX's brain was of biological na...
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