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...Meanwhile, Rita's trying to keep up with a small mouse. "Come back!" she cried. Eventually, she had it cornered right near a trash can. "I've got you right where I want you." the cat whispered. Suddenly, she heard a noise. It was so quit before...they all started screaming. Poor Rita fell face first into someone's pond. "Don't worry sis, your big brothers coming!" Wakko shouted as he leaped into the pond. "Oh geez, 'Gee, Yakko, your son, my husband, jumped on your daughter while rescueing her. Is there a problem with that'? Ugh, WAKKO LET ME DEFINE BABYSITTING!!!!"Dot yelled as she through her arms in the air. Wakko got back on land and Dot helped Rita out. "What're you doing her?" Rita asked. "Dad didn't want you to travel to the junkyard." Wakko replied. "Don't worry I won't---hey, is that a dog catcher?!" Rita lied. "Where?!" Wakko and Dot wondered before they ran off. "Suckers," Rita chuckled to herself. Disobeying rules, she stared at the junkyard than entering it through ripped wire. "Hello," she called. Not long did she meet up with another cat. He was a black cat with white cheeks, chest, stomach, and paws, and had a chresten moon on his forehead. "Hey, you're not from around here!" he snarled. "Get away! I have potential power and I'm not afraid to use it." Rita warned. "Haha, potential?" the other cat laughed. "You don't seem half bad. I'm Rito." he continued. "And I'm Rita." RIta introduced....
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