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...s been avenged. Then I will bake you cupcakes and say, "I don't own any of da people, and pleez r & r." Uh oh. FISHFACE! Could someone scratch my scales? Hyperintelligent Shade of Blue! Is that you raising your hand? (Sorry to Hyperintelligent Shade of Blue for that one. I'm high on caffeine. But if I'm gonna work on this I better calm down. Deeeeeeeeeep breath. Deeeeeeeeeeeep breath.) Now without any further nonsensical babbling, to da fic!Chapter 9:Destructive InterferenceMandark's entire body convulsed as he braved his emotional uprising and entered his lab with CEO right behind him. Although the two appeared identical, anyone could perceive a difference. Mandark's fear was evident to the self-important mind of CEO, and he reveled in it. Once inside the lab, Mandark's fears were confirmed: there was #12, transformed to youthfulness as well, in a chair, ensnared by electronic shackles of ions with enough charge to destroy him with one touch. He looked over helplessly, seeing the two Mandarks. He now knew that it was this Mandark who had given him one perfect night in his long, exhausting career. #12 wanted to speak here and now; he wanted to disregard CEO and meet the arms of his lover again. What did it matter if Mandark was a part of CEO? It didn't, to him. They were to different people here before his eyes. #12 wished it could be that way, but he knew deep down it couldn't. Bound to the chair, he couldn't move; and wi...

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