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...pool, he mutated into a much larger, more muscular version of his previous mutation...''Don't remind me.' said Kim.'I'm certain that the anti-mutagens we used triggered a reversal of his larger mutation, reverting him to his first level of mutation.' Lurkin said, seeming concerned that they might not be following him. 'But in reverting to his smaller form, he... left the larger version behind in the tank.''Like a snake shedding it's skin.' Grimm muttered. 'Very clever. So you spent a number of days trying to have therapy sessions with an empty shell when the real Gill was long gone.'Dr. Lurkin's cheeks reddened. 'The... remains were very life-like.' he said.'Gorchy!' said Monique.'So where is he now?' said Kim, though she was reasonably sure what he would say next.'I'm afraid I have no idea.' he said.'Did he say anything during his therapy that might give us a clue?'Lurkin shrugged. 'In most of our sessions, he kept saying he was going to get even with the 'squeeb' somehow. Almost all of his talk revolved around that in some way.'Kim glared. 'So he wants to go after Ron?' she felt her protective blood boiling at the thought.Grimm actually laughed, and Kim gave him a furious stare before he stopped. 'Sorry.' he said. 'But if Gill broke out so he could get to your BF, he's in for a major letdown.' and Kim win...

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