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...en they got there they put their bags in a pile and took atendence. Then they had to get their bags and go to their camp sight. While Dot was trying to get her bag, a girl put her stuff on Dot's." Excuse me, can you get my bag? It's under yourse." Dot said. "Sure." said the girl. "My name is Amy." she said. "My name is Dot. Are you cabin 5?" Dot asked. "Um... Yeah!"Amy shouted. "Cool so were bunk mates!" Dot yelled. Dot was happy that she made a new friend.When she got in the cabin their was another girl in it. She had the bottom bunk. Dot went on thetop. At night the window was open so she had to put bag spray on the window and onher. She also put her covers on her head and her body. She didn't want to get bug night it was raining. Dot's blanckets got wet a little bit. It was a very cold night for Dot . It was also a very went night. (Rain). The bed was very 5:00 in the morning herbunk mates went outside in the rain." What are you doing?" Dot wispered while yawning. "Were going togo to the bathroom. You have to have partners." Amy said. They other girls name was Tina. It was still wet outside. It was dark too.At 7:00 they all woke up. They play a trumpet to wake everyone. They had all types of food there. Dot had watermelon andwaffles withmilk. She sa...

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