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Drawn Hentai

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...squarely in the stomach with a blast of blue ghost ray. Vendetta stumbled. Camryn landed on the floor, and Vendetta flew backwards; shed sent a blast of wind in her direction.Vendetta lunged again, but Danny hit her this time with his own ghost ray. Vendetta stood up abruptly and lunged yet again.Danny powered up his ice power, Camryn pulled her arms back, her hands balled into fists.As Vendetta was about to reach them, Danny let loose his ice, and Camryn shot lighting out of her right index and middle finger. Vendetta fell to the floor, but got up again. She had melted the ice.I dont think this is working, Danny said worriedly. Camryn twisted around. She was about to say something, no doubt really sarcastic, when a voice spoke up.Time out!Camryn, Danny and Vendetta froze. Clockwork flew over to Danny and Camryn and slipped Time Medallions around their necks. They unfroze instantly.Camryn smiled at Clockwork.Thanks,Yeah, thanks Clockwork! Danny muttered. Clockwork winked, and then turned to Camryn.Its behind the big boulder on your left, he said. Camryn nodded. Danny frowned, confused.Time In! he said, and disappeared. Camryn darted around Vendetta, who lunged in the completely wrong direction. She skidded around the boulder. Danny flew up and peered over.Propped up next to the boulder was a mirror. It wasnt a normal mirror; when Danny looked into it, all he saw was mist; Camryn picked it up carefully.NO! DO NOT TOUCH THAT! Vendetta screamed,...
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