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...h was concerned, that had been more than enough monologuing. He entered his lower penis into Nami's mouth while he slapped her face with the upper one. Stitch's cum was still on overload. Nami's face quickly became white and sticky as Stitch shot a few loads on her face. Her neck was moving, and it looked as if she was drinking a tall glass of milk. Nami's eyes went wide as she recognized the taste of the liquid Stitch was feeding her. Her mind started to cloud, but because sex was not new to her, and also because she had experimented with drugs when younger, she did not become inmediately addicted to it like Lilo had. Though the taste was hard to resist. However, resistance was not an option. Especially when you considered the amount Stitch had given her, and the amount that he had yet to give. Nami felt like she couldn't take more, but Stitch let the stream continue uninterrupted. The drug entered her system and slowly, but surely, affected her mind. Not that she could have, but if given a choice, she would have sucked down Stitch's baby-maker juice willingly at this point. Her nipples became fully erect and her groin grew wet. Just like Lilo before, changes came with the supply of semen provided for her. Her hair became white, and her skin started...

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