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...Disclaimer: I dont own anything.Authors Note: Concrit welcomed.Chapter 2-Bottles, Bazookas, Erasers and ScissorsNorm looked around his lava lamp. It didnt have anything in it. His stomach rumbled. He wanted a bottle now. Where was his mother? She always came when he was upset, cooing in baby talk. He began to cry, thinking that might cause her to come and give him a bottle.Instead, large scissors appeared and tried to attack him. He wailed loudly and a super-explosive bazooka appeared. The bazooka blasted into his face and the scissors flew at him in an attempt to hurt him.His parents still didnt come. What were they thinking? He was in danger here! He burned with fury at them, but he needed them.Mama, dada, said Norm desperately, Mama!His parents still didnt come. Where were they? They had always cared for him before, why not now?Then Norm remembered how snapping his fingers caused the rain to stop, brought the baby back to life and GONGed him back into his lamp. He snapped his fingers, trying to remove the scissors and bazooka.GONG!They turned into harmless erasers. Norm smiled in relief or was it gas?He snapped his fingers again, now knowing it would work.GONG!A beer bottle appeared. Not what he intended.GONG!The beer bottle turned into a baby bottle, filled to the brim with milk. Norm drank it and felt content for the first time on this hectic day.Authors Note: How was it? Reviews are appreciated....
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