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.... I'm allergic to girls!" Timmy then drinks from a flask and says, "What's da matter... ya gay or something? HA HA HA BUUURRRPPP!"(The Author has no control over what Timmy Turner says, Timmy's just horribly horribly horribly drunk so please don't take anything he says seriously... although the "budunkadunk" line was pretty hilarous! Umm I mean yeah... he's just drunk!)A.J. then observes Timmy's strange behavior and thinks to himself, "Oh no... Timmy apparently found beer, I feared for this day to happen... however since everyone in dimmsdale is a dimwit... except for me I guess they won't notice a thing. Then A.J. hears a voice telling him, "I know he's drunk... But I just don't care!" Then A.J. hears another voice says to him, "I don't know what's worse... harpoons or seeing that kid drunk as a skunk?" Then it turns out to be Molly and Irving. A.J. asks them, "Ummm do I know you?" Molly replies, "Nope, we're just here in a cameo role to suprise die hard fans of the series." A.J. is just confused and gives up, thinking there is no way to stop Timmy from his drunkeness.Sanjay then goes up to Timmy and asks him, "I see the "funny juice" made you funny, can I have a taste?" Timmy then passes a flask to Sanjay and he drinks it and then Timmy says to Sanjay, "How about we do some loud singing? Any idea for a song?" Sanjay then suggests, "How about we sing "Yogi Bear" that's a great song when you feel "funny"(Sung ...
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