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... one cares about my fat girl underwear anymore!" Meg taunted. "So tell me, when you're fantasizing about the Nerd, does he talk about buffalo diarrhea dumps as he's nailing you? Does it get you hot?""Stop it! Kevin, this is your fault! If you hadn't come back to town Meg would still be the Butt Monkey my secret would remain a secret!" Connie wailed. "And come on, the Nerd is almost exactly like Peter Griffin and you people don't give Lois any crap!"Lois grabbed Connie by the collar and lifted her off the ground."Don't you ever compare my idiot husband to some internet loser again, bitch, or I'll get Quagmire to rape you again!""Hey, you could get me to do it anyway! Aw-right!"Despite everything, Meg couldn't help feeling a little sorry for Connie. No one deserved to be an object of ridicule and besides, the Angry Video Game Nerd wasn't that bad.Then again, she had been tormenting Meg all throughout high school, so it was only fair.And besides, the Nostalgia Critic was hotter anyway.Smiling, she took Kevin's hand and they walked off into the sunset as the insanity continued behind them."So...what else have I missed in the past few years?" Kevin asked."Oh, where do I begin," Meg laughed. "Well, there was the time my dad bought a tank and it ended up destroying Superstore USA..."Disclaimer: The events of this story are 100% not canon and not l...

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