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..., and by his side, servants approached him with edicts requiring his authority or problems that could only be solved by one of his great wisdom. When Minerva entered the chamber, however, Gia froze. She'd come back. He didn't know how, but Minerva had come back from the dead, and she was there for her revenge! Gia trembled; half from fear and half from attraction as Minerva drew closer and the servants started to back away from her, leaving Gia alone to face her."G-gen-geneeeeek!" Gia exclaimed, unable to even make a simple wish."No. Minerva." Minerva replied, looking back and forth through the throne room, then said "Not bad, really. I like what you've done with the place."Gia whimpered."Of course, I didn't forget. We're to share the fruits of the artifact I helped you recover. You and me... we're going to be the most legendary royalty this town's ever seen. Now let's have us a kiss..."Gia's nervous system did flips and cartwheels inside him as Minerva drew closer, puckering up, and Gia could see inevitability in those lips. He could see finality. He could see death, and that was when he fainted dead away."Aw..." Minerva said, taking pity on the poor man, "That's sweet. He wants more. Well, I can't say I can blame him."In that moment, Minerva removed the lamp from Gia's satchel and carried it, with a short whistle, into the royal chambers where, as...
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