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...stripped all of her clothes from her body as they threw her into the dungeon cell. Her leg was chained up against the wall, and within a few minutes Bowser came stomping in, with a big toothy grin on his face. He seemed even bigger, taller, yet slimmer and with more bulk and raw muscle. He suddenly undid a part of his lower shell as a huge fat meaty cock popped out. It must have been over two feet long and maybe half a foot wide! He growled and walked over to her, "This time, I'm gonna enjoy what I got..." he chuckled lowly. Peach had started panicking already as she was carted off to Bowser's Castle. The rough treatment was bad enough, but it turned out to be a mere foreshadow of the horrors to come. She had passed out from the pain at one point, when she came to the only thing on her body was a strip of metal around her ankle. Why was this happening? She had no idea what was going on, or just how bad it was going to get. Her eyes widen as Bowser appears, then pure shock appears on her face as he exposes himself. So many things could be said about the disturbing appendage, but the shock of the situation was so great that all she can think about is how alarmingly big it is. As...

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