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...o.Unknown voice: um y manny mo there are over name's out there y this one maximus?Maximus: beacues ive found Many mo to be a cool name' and I really like how funny he is.Unkone voice: u got that from that weird earth show robot chicken didn't u maximus?Maximus: your'e damn right I did. Any ways I dont know any other good names. If u got a better one please fill free to say so.Unknown voice: well I think I have a few better then manny mo' but its ur call if u like many mo I wont fight about it.Maxmius: good but I also like my real name how come I cant use my real name on earth?Unknown voice: I didnt say you couldent' if u like ur real name then. use it by all means. no arguments from me. But be warnd there is a girl' you hate so munch' and she may cause you problems if u do choose planet earth to stay on just a head's up on that.Maxmius: if its Atomic Betty its fine' we worked things out many years ago. We hade a brutial battel and we made a bet if I lose I give up my life of cryme' and turn good and I lost so here I am in this nice warm planet on mars with olny me. my side kick Minimus' was arrested 2 wekks euraler for trying to take over the world once again poor sole all I got now is my ducks' and well u...

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