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...iends from the sewers.I just wish Leela were here, said Bender. I did all this for her.Fry approached Amy, who appeared to be in a somber mood. Any news from Captain Kif? he inquired.No, replied Amy with a sniffle. Not a word.Dont worry, said Fry. Your boyfriends gonna kick those pirates butts, and come back a war hero.If he comes back at all, said Amy, who then covered her eyes and sobbed uncontrollably.Again with the waterworks, grumbled Zoidberg.What about Zapp? Fry wondered. Are they just gonna blow him up? Isnt anyone trying to rescue him?Someone was. Aboard the Nimbus, Kif was standing to one side as a special guest occupied his captains chair. The visitor, an elderly female of his own alien species, pressed her wrinkled fingers to her temples and moaned oddly.Are you picking up anything, Varuna? Kif asked the green woman, who wore a multi-colored silk robe that reached to her ankles.I sense great hostility, she uttered. Or perhaps great friendliness. I cant be sure unless you get closer.Having just dropped out of hyperspace, the thirty-four starships of Earths attack force circled the outer perimeter of the Cerulean Nebula. Kifs crewmen sat silently and breathlessly ...

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