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...g, as the mouse was quite wet down there by now. Foxgloveloved the sensation of being in two vaginas at once.Gadget moaned in utter contentment. For a beginner, Foxglove was excellent atthis. Her touch was tender, gentle and very loving. It seemed as if her bodyknew what to do even if she didn't. Gadget leaned closer and kissed Foxglovedeeply, her nose bumping into Foxy's big muzzle. Foxglove kissed back and Gadgetsoon felt the bat's slim tongue poking into her mouth. 'Well at least she knowshow to french...' she thought.Foxy broke off the kiss and looked into Gadget's sapphire blue eyes. "Um Gadget,isn't what we're doing wrong?" she asked, looking a little worried, but notstopping her exploration of the mouse's vagina.Gadget gave her a puzzled look. "Why would you say that? Does it feel wrong toyou?""No, but Dale might be jealous if he knew. And we're both girls, too. I thoughtjust boys and girls could make love together."Gadget smiled to herself. She could think of several possible reactions Dalemight have if he suddenly walked in, and jealously was not on the list. She knewDale wanted to cuddle with her as much as Chip did. He'd probably join in! "Idon't think we have to worry about Dale. And as far as us both being girls, thatdoesn't mat...
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