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...nervous now and a lot more embarrassed, Foxglove replied "Well, Iwant to make Dale happy 'cause I love him so much, but I don't have theslightest idea where to start!"Gadget smirked. "I kinda guessed that. What I meant was, why did you ask *me*?I'm certainly no expert."Foxy blushed and started to giggle a little. "Well, I uh, I heard you and Chipone night. Making love."Gadget blushed a deep crimson. "What? How...?!?""I didn't mean to, honest!" Foxglove exclaimed. "I was up late one nightwatching movies with Dale and I heard some noises coming from your bedroom." Shepointed to her enormous pair of ears. Gadget nodded, knowing Foxglove's hearingwas so acute that she could actually hear her cerebrospinal fluid moving aroundinside her skull. "Your heartbeats were really fast. Your breathing was short.Both of you were gasping and moaning. At first I thought you two were fighting!"Both girls chuckled a little.Foxglove continued her story. "But then I heard Chip say how much he loved youand I realized you two were... having sex." She hesitated a bit. "I'd heardabout sex and how good it was supposed to feel. And I love Dale so muchsometimes I think I'll just explode or something. So I wanted to make him feelgood."Gadget gave her friend a warm, knowing smile and held her wingtip in her paw."But what about you, Foxy?""What do you mean?""Don't you want to make yourself feel good? Tell me, do you think sex issomething girls have to do to make their mates happy?"Foxglove nodded, feeli...
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