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...lunatic is about to take over this future, were stuck here with a lifeless shell of my neighbor, and his wife just left us to go stop him.And we have to go stop him too. Sandy pointed out.What?! Squidward asked in shock. I was dragged here by you and some muscle-bound squirrel, who was really an evil robot, to go drag SpongeBob back to the past before he then he stops as he takes a look at SpongeBobs lifeless body which causes his lips to quiver.We cant just let DarkEvil run around the future and destroy what awaits us. Sandy told him. Even if SpongeBobs gone now, he would want us to stop him.Want US to stop him? This is all his fault, he Squidward stopped again, looking at SpongeBob, and then he suddenly got a depressed look as he put his tentacle over his face. Oh, who am I kidding? he cried. Hes gone forever nowHe had a great future ahead of him and he just lost it in ten minutes.Youre right, Squidward. Sandy said as she held SpongeBobs hand tightly. We lost him, and I lost him forever now.No! Patrick sobbed. My best friend cant be dead! while he was one the ground, he soon sees the energy potion on the ground and picks it up. Whats this?Sandy opened her eyes to see Patrick holding the potion. I dont know, Pat. Ive never seen that before.Well, seeing my best friend die makes me thirsty. Patrick said as he opened the bottle while still crying. This Barnacle Berry Smoothie should hit the spot.But when Patrick was about to drink the potion, he end...
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