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...these…" Aang blushed furiously, realizing the fun time ahead of him. "So, this is a penis…" Toph commented, holding the soft flesh in her hands. Her vibrations didn't afford her any kind of detail on a person's body, so feeling it in her hands allowed her to picture a surprisingly accurate mental image. She was amazed as the seemingly dead hunk of mass in her tiny hands magically sprung to life, becoming hard and stiff. Toph, having begun puberty during their adventures, resulting in an awkward conversation, had become fascinated with sex from the beginning. Upon returning to the Bei Fong estate (Have you ever noticed how Toph is the only character with a last name?) She had proceeded to force her servants to go forth, collect as much material on the subject as possible, and read it aloud to her (Which was very awkward for them) So, Toph has a pretty good idea of what she was dealing with here. She took the penis in her hands and began vigorously yanking it up and down. This was totally different from what Aang was used to. Since the gentle, maternal Katara had been his only partner to date, Aang had only had gentle, loving sex. This was much more fast-paced and dynamic… And it was awesome. Toph furrowed her brow in concentration, as she energetically jerked Aang off. Feel...

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