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...with thin spaghetti straps and loose slit bottom that revealed her creamy soft leg. Her hair was down which also added to her sexiness and appeal, but what really gave it away was the look she had in her eyes that was directed towards Rex. The sex drive was active at the moment, but Rex could see a look in her eyes that was full of heartfelt love and adoration yet also of need. "Doc… you look-" Rex felt hypnotized by her gaze and stepped forward to the table slowly and hypnotically. "-It's Cassandra." She softly interrupted as she took a seat across from him. "Huh?" Rex sat down as well with the lovely face of Holiday sitting across from him. "That's my real name, Rex. You and only you can call me by my true name, it's just doctor or Holiday to everyone else." Rex blinked twice and ignored the flush feeling in his chest. "That's the first time I ever heard your real name, it's beautiful by the way." Holiday smiled sweetly. "Thanks. You know, Rex, I have arranged for the dinning hall to be reserved for just us this evening. You know why?" Rex wanted to nod, but he wanted to hear her out entirely. "I can make a few guesses." "For you." She answered definitely causin...

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