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A Sample part of Goofy Movie Story:'s really the laundry room." He knocked on the door and called out, "Don't lean on the buttons!" A gruff voice threatened him, but the high-pitched giggle of an excited female ensured that it probably wouldn't be followed up on.Upchuck bowed. "That concludes our tour. I'd like to thank you for your undivided attention." He reached out and almost grabbed her hand, but remembered himself as Daria subtly stroked the bulge in her coat pocket. "Any questions?""Yes. How did you get invited?'He shrugged. "I dissected her frog."Daria considered this. "In Ms. Barch's class? But wouldn't she have gotten an A anyway?"Upchuck bowed. "Indeed she would have, but one never rejects the opportunity to rise through the social ranks.""Unless the rank rejects are the only thing society has to offer," Daria shot back.Upchuck laughed then, as if Daria had just said the funniest thing in the world. "Oh Esmerelda, you're a lady after my own heart!""Mm," Daria mumbled. "My name's actually, uh, Daria.""Really?" Upchuck leered. "Feisty!""Why do you keep saying that?" she asked him.The question caught him off-guard. "Uh? Well, I...uh..."Daria sighed. "Forget about it." She didn't have to tax her mighty mental powers to construct an educated guess, and any explanation he would offer would likely embarass them both.Upchuck, to his credit, was able to mostly mask his look of relief. They stood there for a moment, waiting for the other to do somethin...
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