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...ked inside the tree and turned on the TV. The news was on, so she decided to watch that. "Perch Perkins here live with Bikini Bottom News. Yesterday, a resident of Bikini Bottom had crashed through the Krusty Krab and was taken away by an ambulance. The resident's name was Spongebob Squarepants and was pronounced dead yesterday. Krusty Krab owner, Mr. Krabs, reports on the scene of the crime." "Aye, one second, everythin' in the restaurant was fine, then a big crash was heard and-" Sandy hit the mute button, she didn't want to hear what happened. Suddenly, a video tape fell somewhere, and she got up and picked it up, it was labeled, 'Me and Spongebob'.Somethin' filled upmy heart with nothin',someone told me not to cry.She put the cassette in the VCR and hit play. At first, it was just static, but then, she saw home videos. At first, it was her and Spongebob doing karate, but after that, it was Patrick and Spongebob sneeking in during her hibernation, after that, it was Spongebob and her exercising. Pretty soon, her eyes filled up with tears and she turned off the VCR, she didn't want to remember pain or feel it. She put the volume up and Mr Krabs finished with, "And the lad was taken away." She wiped the tears off her eyes and onto her fur.But now that I'm older,my heart's colder,and I can see that it's a lie.She turned the TV off and...
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