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...on her bed. The artist removed her friend's boots and with some effort, removed her green jacket. Jane allowed her fingers to trail over smooth, pale skin as she helped her friend under the covers, pausing to carefully remove Daria's glasses.Daria stirred and mumbled faintly, "And if I get drunk, well I'll pass out on the floor now baby and you won't bother me no more..."The short-haired girl stared at her friend in shock. "So you did read Trent's book of lyrics, you sneaky girl." She snickered as she paused and considered her friend's skirt. No harm in letting her sleep with it on, but it could be annoying during the night as she tossed and turned. With a grin, she searched for the zipper and button that kept the skirt from falling. Locating it, she took her time undoing it and slidding it off of her friend. Maybe her hands took too long trailing down her legs, but in the end, she got the skirt off and added it to the rest of the clothes she'd removed.She stood back and admired her friend for a long moment before covering her up with the blanket. If she'd been someone else, Jane probably would have taken advantage of her exposed friend. But she couldn't, it wasn't in her, no matter how screwy her family was. Stripping her own clothes and trading her black shirt for a gray tank top, Jane got into bed with her friend and ...
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