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...om the spell propelling the carpet backwards, out of harm's way. The worm screeched and fell back, writhing on the ground. Aladdin whirled around, ready to face the other three with his gauntleted hand upraised, but to his surprise they were all retreating steadily into the sand, still snarling at him but no longer eager to fight."I was right," he said shakily as their heads disappeared into the ground. "They just wanted the cup."Jasmine hugged him silently, willing her heartbeat to slow down. Carpet floated downward smoothly until they could both step onto solid ground, but still they clung to each other, afraid to let go. Abu ran back toward Aladdin and scampered up his side, chattering in relief. Iago grudgingly landed on Jasmine's shoulder, lamenting about how many tail feathers he had lost in yet another near encounter with death. But before they could celebrate their survival, Xerxes once again appeared and snarled at them anxiously."Where Master? Where Master?"Aladdin looked at Jasmine, who drew in a sharp breath. Her face grew visibly pale. "I must have dropped the pieces..." They both looked to the ground, hastily searching the ground for the pieces they knew were probably lost."Oh good, then let's just head back home, I'm sure Mozenrath would have wished to have his remains scattered across a magical cavern of death," Iago said easily. He began to fly away and toward the exit, turning around briefly when he rea...

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