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... six months left, said Dr. Fisk with a heavy sigh. He had explained this to a few patients before since Dr. Hibbert told him it was good practice. He hated doing it though and Dr. Hibbert always made it sound so easy.Marge sat there on the chair, stunned and eyes wide with the news. She didnt cry she only stood up and made her way out of the waiting room but stopped midway.I can see him now right? asked Marge.Hes in room 22A, said Dr. Fisk.Marge slowly made her way to the room, the kids right behind her, Maggie at the rear wondering what was going on.Are we going home now? asked Maggie.No, we still have to see Dad, said Lisa.Maggie said nothing, having a sick father was very confusing. No one really explained it to her and watching her family look upset around her father worried her. Why was he so sick and why couldnt he just take that yummy cherry medicine she took when she had a cold?Marge was first to enter the room, bracing herself for what she was about to see of her husband. She was afraid he would not recognize her or be in total shock of what had just gone on. She let out a heavy sigh and looked over at him; he was awake and hooked to almost everything the family could imagine. There was an oxygen tube in his nose, an IV on his wrist, heart monitors and a large wrapping on his chest where the doctors had entered to look at his lungs. Dr. Hibbert was standing next to him with a concerned face; Lisa could tell he had just broken the news to Homer because he was ...

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