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...o write it down immediately. Its BenxJulie fluff, so if you dont like, dont read. There arent that many stories about the two, so Im happy to say that I got an idea with the two especially since I tend to have most of my ideas centered on Kevin or Gwevin. Disclaimer: I dont own Ben 10, never will. I also dont own the quote at the beginning.---I think lifes an irrational obsession.~Sean Penn71. Obsession Hey Ben.Ben looked over from the cashier he had just paid at his girlfriend Julie. His face broke into a friendly smile as he waved at her,Hey Julie. Do you want anything?She shook her head and stood, waiting while Ben received his smoothie. The couple then walked over to an open table before sitting down. Julie spread out their current math assignment. The two had arranged to meet here to study.Ben sipped at his smoothie before shaking his head.What is it, Ben?Its not it. Ben sighed. He sipped again at the smoothie. Seeing Julies perplexed expression, he added, Ive been trying out all the flavors to find the very best smoothie. The lemon and watermelon smoothie is not the one.Im sure youll find it someday. Julie smiled sweetly at Ben. Some people might think a smoothie obsession would be a bit strange, but Julie actually found it cute. As long as it was practiced in moderation.I suppose youre right. Ben returned Julies smile before drinking down the rest of his smoothie. Ill be right back.Julie watched as Ben dropped his empty cu...

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