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... could feel his own orgasm fast approaching, and he held her hips as he thrust. He thrust one last time, as hard as he could, and Sam moaned from the ecstacy. He stayed inside her, releasing his seed in her in hot spurts. They warmed her insides plesantly and then they were both spent, and fell across each other. Who knew Sam Puckett was a screemer? Then again, who knew that he would be here, right now, screwing Sam's brains out? "Sam...?" Freddie asked, stroking her back. "What is it, nub?" she asked, cuddling into him further. "I love you." Sam smiled. "I know. I love you too. Even if you are a nub." "Thanks, Sam. Thanks." "You know that was really hot...what you did." "What? All I did was lie." Freddie brushed it off as if it was nothing. "Yeah, but you lied to Momma. That takes balls, Freddie. BALLS. Be glad it turned me on instead of enraging me. Also, be glad that I love you. Don't...don't you hurt Momma...okay?" "Sam...I have you. Nothing else in the world matters more to me than you. I will never hurt you." "Good. Cause if you did...I'd get even." "Really? How would you get even?" Freddie challenged, pulling her naked body closer to him. Sam whispered in his ear. Freddie looked appaled. "Sam! That's illegal! You wouldn't do that to me, would you babe?" Sam smirked. "Momma doesn't li...

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