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...blinked, it blinked one eyethen anotherthen another. Never all at once. And when it DID blink, the eyelids converged in a vertical way, not horizontal.Are you just gonna stare at me? Sandi managed to say. Funny how she felt annoyed at a time like this.Frankly, yes. The thing replied.How come?Its making you feel frightened, isnt it? It said, snickering slightly.like, touch™, Mr. Freaky. Sandi muttered, trying to tug her left hand free of whatever it was that was holding her to the roof again. No luck.You really have got to stop trying to break free. The being said, tapping on the roof lazily with a large, long claw. It had a thick, white, shelled body, and was hunched over, its crab-like legs holding him up. His arms were large, armored, and he had a long, segmented tail that was also armored with white on the top, with purple, scaly skin of sorts underneath it. The tail had spiked ridges, and it twitched nervously, like a cats tail. His torso appeared to be separated by the some kind of lump of slowly-pulsing flesh that rose up from the bottom half of his body. Sharpened fins jutted out from the sides of the beings head and back, the head itself was attached to a neck that reminded Sandi of a snakes. Her kidnapper raised his large appendages, showing off those five large claws jutting forth from where fingers should be on his hand. They had pale green tipsinterestingly enough, they reminded her of her favorite ice cream flavor: Mint Chocolate chip.She probably...
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