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...ab Sandi with his long clawsGUESS AGAIN, QUEER! Asmodeus snarled, jumping up, his eyes now blood red. He was suddenly in Shins face, punching, punching, punching, blood flew freely from the Demon of Shadows nose and mouth onto the floor below. Finally he was knocked down hard as the Lord Demon of Hate stood over him and spat on him.I feel like pissing on you. Maybe Ill do that later. Asmodeus said calmly. First you have to go down to Hell. Now then He stepped away from the Satanic Alchemy seal and began chanting. Nrikk Vishrr Vishani, Krrkkrr VrrrinnnI DONT THINK SO! Both Shin and Nick shouted, jumping up. Shin rushed forward and suddenly grabbed Asmodeus in a huge hug.What the?!?You just need some love. Shin said, hugging him tightly. How about I become your first friend?No-no, I dontdont want Asmodeus was shaking madly.Come on, stop being such a whiner! We can go to the beach, or go get ice cream, youll love the Ben and Jerrys down the street from where Mister Valmonts house isI DONT, I DU-DUH-DONT, NO-NO-NO Asmodeus howled.Hey, I didnt notice it before, but you got a nice butt. Shin remarked.NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Asmodeus howled, suddenly vanishing into the bloody seal, which faded away.Shin smiled and rubbed the back of his neck. Aw, hes gone already? But I wanted to buy him a beer He noticed that Asmodeus had dropped the bell piece on t...

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