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...ng the ends of all the books for the other children? she asked, pointing to where his mother was. Now go tell your mommy youve been a bad boy again, and Ill come talk to you two when story time is over.Well, now that thats over, which of these two books do you guys want to read today?Suzy was the first to attack. She raised her hand politely. Yes, Suzy? Mrs. Duncan called on her.Do we have time to read both? I love both of those books, and theyre short, anyway. Can we please read them both? Suzy asked, looking up at her with big eyes.Mrs. Duncan had to smile. Well, all right. I guess that would be fine.Suzy turned to Mindy and whispered, Too bad you dont have the charm that I do! Mindy sneered at her.All right, why dont we take a vote to see which one were going to read first? And with that, Mindy made sure that she was the most polite and eager hand-raiser.OK then, it looks like were going to read The Rowdy Kindergarteners first! she said after she counted up all the votes.Hooray! Mindy squealed.Well, Mindy, its great to know that youre enthusiastic about story time! Mrs. Duncan beamed. Suzy was furious, while Mindy just smiled contentedly. Score two for Mindy, score one for Suzy, she thought.Candace watched Suzy for a while. When she was pretty sure the lit...

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