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..."Thanks" said Cindy"no problem why dont you get ready for school im tired ill see you later" said Cindy mother"Okay nite" said Cindy"YEESS!!" she screamed so her mother wouldnt hearCindy got ready for school and headed downstairs Jimmy was waiting for her and he kissed her and pulled away quickly"so you talk to your mother" asked Jimmy'she said she approves of having a child if we are willing the responsibility" said Cindy"so your saying you want a child at 14" said Jimmythey are still walking"yeah but you have to want one too" said cindy""but think of what people will think i mean in school" said Jimmythey stopped about 3miles from the school far enough not to see itCindy leaned up and kissed him he pulled his arms around her waist and she put her arms around his neck they countinued kissing but Jimmy pulled away and said "If your sure about what you want we can try again this coming friday night my parents are out of town and we can try again if you really want this" said Jimmy "thats tomorrow" said Cindyshort ch sorry =((...

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