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....Look, you two kids are too young to have coffee, and can NOT handle its affects until youre at least teenagers replied Dukey as he laughed at the two being very frustrated, just be glad, this isnt the law of the land, where cops would show up to tell you otherwise.Nice going Test, I thought you said that your crazy hairy uncle could help us! shouted Sissy right in Johnnys face.Well, I didnt know hell be such a traitor! added Johnny as he yelled right back.Well, do you have any other ideas? asked Sissy.You two go and just do that laughed Dukey as he left the scene while sipping his large cup of coffee.Hmm, I dont know replied Johnny who ignored Dukey leaving the scene, but I know some people who can be able to bypass all of these stingy adults.The scene then switches to where Mr. Black and Mr. White were shocked to hear Johnny asking if he could have a coffee contest with Sissy as they were found at the local park, sitting on a bench.You two think you can handle that stuff? asked Mr. White.Well, you two are government g-men, are you not, and since when did you know Johnny here?! cried Sissy who was jealous of him for even knowing Mr. Black and Mr. White.Look, you two are too young to have this sort of stuff, were just doing it because were trying to protect your sa...
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