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...ieza. Reggie made after a tip from Bulma, short work of Frieza and brought his remains to Gingers brother Carl. Meanwhile, Jagaimo is fighting Cell after he smashed Goku and Vegeta to the ground. Jagaimo uses a Solar Flare to distract Cell, so she could give Goku and Vegeta a Senzu bean. After recovering from the attack Goku, Jagaimo and Vegeta continued their fight against Cell. Meanwhile in Sheltered Shrubs, Reggie en Otto told Ginger and her friends about their abilities. After a little while, Reggie, Otto and Twister left from Gingers residence to head to where Goku, Jagaimo and Vegeta are still fighting Cell. Cell is now completely exhausted and our Saiyan heroes make short work of the evil android. Only a few seconds later Reggie, Otto and Twister arrived to see if Goku and the others need any help with Cell. Our Saiyan heroes then returned to Bulmas lab to see what part of the world is under threat. Satelite images show that the Hawaiian Islands are under threat by a Saiyan. Jagaimo recognizes the Saiyan as her father Bardock. Krillin wanted to fight Bardock, but Jagaimo stops him and tells Krillin she wants to solve this with Goku.Goku: So its off to Hawaii, right Sis?Jagaimo: Youve got that right, Goku.Reggie: Can Otto and I come along, Mom? We want to...

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