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...u are so not dating her, Ace returned soundlessly, gesturing to Kuki with his head.Wallabee just smirked at him. Why are you so sure?Why? he mouthed. She wouldnt choose a lunk-head like you over perfection.The lunk-head gave him the finger.Real cute, Beetles. he told him, lips moving with no noise. It was fun to antagonize Wally during class for he was banned from using his fists as a defense. And he sucked at verbal comebacks.Miss Sanban! the shrill cry of the teacher disturbed the conversation and made the issue of topics head come up quickly. Whiplash would probably rear its ugly head.Yes?Would you please do number seven on page two-hundred-and-six on the board, please? she asked, a sickly, yet entirely fake, sweet smile curling on her wrinkled face.Kuki nodded her pretty head vigorously, raven-hair swaying with swift motion. She pulled herself from her seat and bounded up the aisle happily. The teenage girl was always happy, rain or shine but, it wasnt this that made Aces jaw unhinge from his skull. It was what was written on the back of the raggedy looking sweater that blessed her cute frame.PROPERTY OF WALLABEE BEETLESThere it was plain-as-day on her back in his blocky, crooked writing.Ignoring the snickers of the class that had caught-on, Ace shot back around in his seat to glare at him, lips pulling into a snarl. The look did nothing to unnerve the Beetles boy. He simply rolled a black sharpie between his finger-...

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